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Walnut Salad Bowl Set (finished)

By Jim

After a very long delay, I finished the set of walnut salad bowls for Andy and Danielle.  It wasn’t quite in time to be a wedding gift, but it was only a couple of days late for a house-warming gift.

It turns out the walnut logs from my uncle weren’t properly dried and had severe checking.  At least 5 bowls exploded on me.  I ended up buying a 8/4 kiln dried walnut board for the bowls.  I was able to get the serving bowl out of one of the logs though.  You can see how much better the figure is in wood and how much deeper the color is (it’s the one with the natural edge).

They’re finished with three coats Behlen’s Salad Bowl Finish so I don’t poison my friends with the heavy metal driers in other finishes.

Now I can move on to other projects guilt free!

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