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Maple and Bloodwood Handplane

By Jim

I’ve recently been able to get back in to the shop.  While working on a toybox for my neice that I started almost two years ago, I stole some time to make a wooden handplane.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while since I found these plans.

After shopping for a while, I found blades for wooden planes from Lee Valley. They gave enough information for me to realize it was basically just a rectangular piece of metal with a bevel ground on one end. Being cheapfrugal, I searched and found a similarly sized piece of the same O1 tool steel from onlinemetals.com. This cost about the same price for a length that would yeild at least three plane blades.

I made the body and wedge out of hard maple, and the sole and pin out of bloodwood. Both hard and dense woods that should last for a long time. As you can see, my metal-working skills aren’t quite up to par, but the blade should do.

There are a couple of other different sets of plans for wooden hand planes that I want to make too:

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