Logan’s Box

By Jim

Here’s a box I made for my Godson Logan. I don’t know what a little boy will keep in a box like this – frogs? worms? But, I hope he thinks whatever is in there is special.

It’s made of shedua with zebrawood on the sides joined with through dovetails, and a solid zebrawood top with three bloodwood plugs. On the days I his Godfather, the three plugs represent the Holy Trinity. On the days that I his cool Uncle Jim, they represent Wolverine’s (a.k.a. Logan) three claws.

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Cherry Table

By Jim

I took the opportunity over the holidays to take pictures of the cherry table I had made for my parents some time back.  I got a nice piece of curly cherry for the top and drawer front.  I used analine dye instead of stain so the figure wouldn’t be obscured.  It was also my first real attempt at hand-cut half-blind dovetails on the drawer.

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Poplar Shot Glass Rack

By admin

I made this shot glass rack for my mother-in-law out of poplar. 

It features sliding dovetails to attach the shelves.
It’s finished with rosewood stain and polyurethane.


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