Featuring the Woodworking of Jim Voss


I love wood! So here’s a whole page about it. There are hundreds of species of wood suitable for woodworking. I’ve only used a handful myself.


Some woods are toxic! Woodworker’s Source has a page describing wood toxicity. I can’t verify that this information is accurate, so use it at your own risk.

Wood Information

Hobbit House

Paul Hinds has a great “non-commercial site focusing on color-correct
pictures of exotic and domestic woods.” I never seen a more comprehensive list of wood species with accurately colored pictures. What he lacks in web design, he more than makes up for with valuable information.

Woodworker’s Source

Woodworker’s Source has some excellent information in their wood library, including numerical measurements of bending & crush strength, stiffness, hardness, density; tree and wood descriptions; working properties (i.e. is it good for turning?); and drying information. I often refer to it when determining if I should buy or use wood for a specific purpose.

Wood Sources

There are lots of great places to buy wood locally and online. Here’s a few I’ve used (or at least browsed).

Local (Long Island, NY)

Wood-Ply Lumber in Freeport – great selection of solid woods, turning blocks & hardwood veneered plywood, plus you don’t have to buy a full boards (they’ll cut off a small piece for you!)

Wood-Ply is gone 🙁

J & A Lumber in Ronkonkoma – decent selection of solid woods, nice folks, but you must buy full boards

Exotic Wood Group in Northport Jersey City- I got some nice pieces from them at a show; their warehouse is only open to the public certain days (check the website), but you can visit their site anytime


There are lots of great sources for wood on the internet. Here are a few with which I’m familiar.

eBay is a decent place to get small quantities, but be careful!

Steve Wall Lumber good prices, good wood, friendly staff. 10bf minimum to ship.

Eisenbrand Exotic Hardwoods has a great selection of premium woods, but kind of pricey. You can get a box of ebony or pink ivory scraps good for highlights.